River City Acoustics
provides outstanding acoustical ceiling
fabrication and repair

for commercial and private clients and both simple or complex structures:
• Commercial Ceilings
• Tenant Improvement
• Glue-on tile
Concealed Spline ceilings
Specialty Ceilings:
Barrel, Vaulted, Curved &
Wavy Wall applications.
• No job too small: from
10 - 10,000 feet!

Contractors: we subcontract - add us to your bid list!

Serving Northern California

Laser-precision installation - 30+ years of experience in commercial suspended ceilings (offices, schools, restaurants, commercial kitchens, etc.)

San Francisco, CA
Sacramento, CA

This was an unusual installation, since it
needed BOTH a barrel vault and a multi-
curved wall for an upscale food venue.

Sacramento, CA

Barrel vaulting and wavy walls combine for
a stunning and unusual ceiling installation.

Open Space
Sacramento, CA

Another view of this mall location, with both
barrel vaulting and curved side wall install.

Sacramento, CA

River City Acoustics delivers fine ceiling
craftsmanship, whatever your project requires!

Modesto, CA

Grid ceiling with wavy side wall and lights.

Modesto, CA

Our precision laser equipment eliminates
quess-work and sets up apart delivering
economical and finely-crafted projects for you!

Sacramento, CA

Tektum installation - no project is too big or
small for River City Acoustics!

Sacramento, CA

This installation in a church provides sound-
control as well as attractive lighting.

School - Colfax, CA

Big government projects or small businesses:
River City Acoustics completes your job with
efficient equipment and methods!